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Star Wars: The Old Republic adds a grab bag of grab bag reputation

Eliot Lefebvre

Do you love the feel of cracking open a random assortment of items in Star Wars: The Old Republic? Do you wish that the game rewarded avid grab-bag grabbers with their own progression path? Because the latest development blog explains the new Cartel Market reputation track does precisely that; it allows players to gain reputation and earn the right to purchase new items by purchasing several random packs within a given shipment.

Items are divided up into Shipments, which share a thematic name such as "Cartel Packs" or "Contraband Packs." Opening these packs provides reputation tokens that allow players to gain reputation with a different faction for each Shipment. Eventually, the Shipment in question will be temporarily removed from circulation, but players with enough reputation will still be able to buy the items directly from reputation vendors. It sounds a little messy, but in practice it means that people who love some grab bags get a little more motivation to keep buying them.

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