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The Daily Grind: What fantasy trope should be retired from MMOs?


Tropes: MMOs are chock-full of them. From pirates running rampant in every fantasy setting to the "save the world from cranky dragons" narrative, it seems like developers go to the same well for inspiration more often than not. Sometimes that's OK, because we do like the familiar and to see if these game creators can do something unique with them. But sometimes enough is enough.

So what fantasy trope should be retired from MMOs? My vote is and always has been for giant spiders. It's not that I'm creeped out by them or anything, it's just that I'm so very, very tired of seeing them in every game. Not only are they physically impossible, but it seems like a cheap method to try to induce a bit of squirmy apprehension instead of actually working for it. Yes, your game has big spiders. Congrats. You're as special as white bread.

What say you? What trope would you like to see banished, never to return?

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