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Add to Wunderlist extension brings one-click web clipping to your to-do list


Wunderlist users rejoice! Your favorite to-do list just gained a major new feature with the launch of the Add to Wunderlist extension -- now available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The extension lets you save content from your favorite websites directly into Wunderlist with just one click. It automatically scans web pages for links, email content, prices, descriptions and ratings, clips any highlighted text, then adds it to your list of choice. Web developers also have the option to embed an Add to Wunderlist button directly into websites -- the company's already teamed up with, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, Youtube, IMDb, Asos, Etsy, Wikipedia and Hacker News to enable this functionality. It's never been easier to be obsessive-compulsive while surfing the web -- you just have to follow the source link below.

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