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Injustice: Gods Among Us' latest character reveal is so Raven

Jordan Mallory

News of a new costumed adventurer confirmed as an Injustice: Gods Among Us combatant feels like a semi-daily occurrence lately -- a trend that continues with this morning's affirmation of Raven as a playable character in NetherRealm Studios' new fighter.

As seen in her debut trailer (once available here, since vanished), Raven's abilities are just as floaty and mystical as one would expect, with quick, swiping melee attacks and what appears to be an alternate/evil stance with limited teleportation capabilities. Raven's big, scary, four-eyed father also makes a brief appearance during her fittingly insane super, and if you're familiar enough with her story to know his name, you're also familiar enough to be upset about her outfit and chin.

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