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Nielsen: PS3 sees biggest year-over-year growth in streaming (and other such tidbits)

Jordan Mallory

In 2012, PlayStation 3 owners spent 23 percent of their time with the console streaming video-on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu Plus, according to the data-minded folks over at statistical aggregation station Nielsen. This is up nearly 10 percent from the amount that PS3s were used for that purpose in 2011. The surveyed time spent using the PS3 as a DVD/Blu-ray player dropped by four percent over the last year.

The information comes from a survey conducted between October of 2011 and October of the following year, which asertained how console owners aged 13 and over used their gaming devices. The resulting infographic, seen in full here, breaks it down.

The survey also tracked the amount of time that each console spent playing games online and offline, with the Xbox 360 seeing the most online performance (33 percent of time spent playing games) and the Wii experiencing the least at 11 percent.

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