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Sony rolls out another batch of free PSN credit in North America


Another selection of lucky so-and-so PlayStation Network users in North America received XMB messages with $10 credit from Sony yesterday. Following last month's influx of PSN credit, doled out to "loyal" customers and fans of the service, a further group of users, including some of our readers, received messages yesterday with the digital moolah attached. Once more, it's unclear just how many did and why.

When approached, a Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson provided Joystiq with this statement: "While we don't disclose the exact criteria used, we can say that select active PSN users were chosen to receive an XMB message that included a credit for their SEN [Sony Entertainment Network] Wallet as part of this special promotion."

It should be noted SCEA's Morgan Haro provided the same statement when asked about last month's credit giveaway. However, u
nlike previously, this time the XMB message makes no mention of loyalty. So it's unclear if this is a separate rollout from the one last month, or if Sony just wised up to not deeming a select group of its userbase as "loyal." We tease, Sony - free credit is just capital.

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