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Aspyr bringing latest Civ 5 expansion to the Mac same day as PC


Firaxis has announced a brand-new expansion pack for Civilization 5, called Brave New World. The expansion, coming later on this summer, will add new civs, units, buildings and wonders to the game, along with the ability to create trade routes that circle the world, and ideologies that can be used to win a cultural victory or a World Congress that will make the diplomatic game more complex than ever.

And the best news about this expansion for us Mac gamers is that it's going to arrive same day and date as the Windows version, thanks to the developers at Aspyr. Aspyr teased this to us when we talked with them earlier this year, but it's now official: The Mac version of Brave New World will be out right alongside the Windows version.

Having the Mac and Windows versions available on the same day is a good thing. The expansion will be US$29.99 when it drops, and we'll keep an eye out for an official release date.

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