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Facebook allegedly skirts Google Play store with latest update, adds auto-download of newest versions


Did Google's Larry Page get on the wrong side of Zuckerberg when he was less than complimentary about Facebook a couple of months ago? Maybe so, as the latest update to the social network's app for Android appears to be ignoring the normal route of outing a new version through the Play store, using the app itself to push the update to users. We haven't seen the prompt ourselves, but Liliputing has some screenshots of it (shown above) and is reporting the update auto-downloads and notifies you when its ready to be installed. The new version is said to allow profile picture changes within the app, make messaging easier and grant users the ability to flag spam and hide feed posts you don't want to see. It also alters the app's permissions, allowing it to update without your approval. However, The Verge spotted a thread on the social network's Help Center which clarifies that'll only happen when connected to WiFi. Maybe we're out of favor with Facebook also, as we haven't been offered the update on our phones just yet, but the comments on Liliputing seem to confirm its out there. Has Google already stepped in? Let us know how your app is reacting in the comments below.

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