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Phat Loot Phriday: Helpful Wikky's Whistle


Throgg sat on the ground, waiting patiently. A whistle dangled loosely from his fingers while the orc looked around the clearing. He sighed.

"What are you doing?" Lolegolas asked. He looked briefly to the sky. "Have you noticed I say that a lot?"

"I have," the orc answered. "I'm waiting for Wikky."

"Wikky who?" the blood elf asked again. "Wikky what?"

"Wikky's a who. He's a helpful little chap," the orc answered. "But you have to pay very close attention. If Wikky waits a while, well, Wikky will wile away. But Wikky works well when we wait."


"He dies. If you don't tend to him right away, he'll disappear," the orc said. "You're supposed to be the clever one."

"Don't look at me," Lolegolas said. "I never got the whistle to work."

Item Note: Wikky's Helpful Whistle is a bizarre little item. You use it, and Wikky appears. You can tell him to go forage for you. But if you wait too long before talking to him -- or before collecting his gift when he returns from foraging -- he dies. So, keep an eye out and interact with Wikky right away.

Phat Loot Phriday brings you the scoop on some of the most ... interesting ... loot in the World of Warcraft, often viewed through the eyes of the stalwart Throgg and indelible Lolegolas. Suggest items you think we should feature by emailing

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