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Vindictus introduces PvP changes, new clothing, and the deadly Cross Gun

You know what sucks about crossbows? They're so slow. Sure, they make a nice thrum as you fire off a bolt at whoever is about to die a pointy death, but then there's the whole reloading process and it's really just not quite action-combaty enough, is it? Vindictus is sorting this appalling deficiency by introducing the Cross Gun, a rapid fire ranged weapon available to folks playing as Kai.

While that is impressive in its own right, the Cross Gun is not all that's coming to the game this month. Nexon America has plans for new open PvP death matches, custom clothing options, and a number of in-game events throughout March. The new PvP mode will be open to players regardless of their guild membership. One of the inbound clothing options is a St. Patrick's Day outfit, for those of you who want to look a little luckier whilst slaughterfying your opponents.

Skip below the cut for a video teasing the March updates.

[Source: Nexon America press release.]

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