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Breakfast Topic: Where do you stand on displaying helms, capes, and shoulders?


Display options are the saving grace for my characters. Transmogrification has allowed us to tweak to perfection the way we present ourselves to our fellow citizens of Azeroth, but some of us simply are not fond of certain elements of the trademark WoW character appearance.

Take pauldrons, for example, the linchpin of a classic WoW profile. Most of my caster characters look faintly ridiculous in WoW's overblown shoulder armor. Sure, I'm used to it by now, but I'd love the option of simply turning off the shoulder display. It's quite clear by this point, however, that hyperbolic shoulders are essential to the World of Warcraft silhouette.

In fact, I've found that I tend to turn off optional armor displays more often than not. Capes can be handsome, but they obscure my view of the robes I've worked so hard to get. And even the most comely helms cover my face, rendering my character less recognizable and all but anonymous from any distance. I'll wear an especially fascinating new helm for a while, but the time inevitably comes that I want to see my character's proud visage (or in my case, my undead's nappy-haired broccoli head) once more.

Have you developed a strong preference for always or never displaying optional armor (helms and capes)? What about shoulders -- do you find yourself longing to hide your shoulder armor, too? Or do you agree with Blizzard (perhaps a bit grudgingly, as I do) that shoulders are an irreplaceable element of the WoW silhouette?

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