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Insert Coin finalist: smARtPULSE open source, Bluetooth oximeter hands-on


Dimitri Albino is the proudly self-proclaimed smARtMAKER #1, and he's brought his company's Insert Coin finalist, the smARtPULSE oximeter, here to Expand. Using photodetection tech to produce readings of oxygen levels and pulse. While this is standard functionality, the company claims its advantage is in being able to cheaply deliver the product, and stream the data via Bluetooth to a computer or mobile device. It plans to offer both Bluetooth 2.0 and 4.0 versions of the product, and envisions them being accessible to individuals and other makers who want to build this kind of data into their projects thanks to its open communications protocol. Check below for a few pics of the current mock up and after the break for a video, although the production design is still being finalized.

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