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Breakfast Topic: What rewards might be created for a single super-reputation?

Blizzard Community Manager Nethaera posed an intriguing question recently on Twitter.

Many of the answers were quite predictable -- paladins who wanted to align with the Argent Dawn, death knights who sought faction with the Ebon Blade. Others covered both serious and silly territory, such as @AltheMage's reply: "the Wyrmrest Accord. It's always great to have dragons as friends. If not them, the Shadopan. They have cool hats."

But what if after months of backbreaking labor and devotion -- something so long, so grinding, so consuming that only the most devoted players would carry through -- you could earn some sort of exclusive privilege from your faction? Special mounts and honorary titles seem made for lesser exclusive tiers of recognition. A reward of this magnitude would be something quite prestigious.

Brainstorm with us. Let's go back to our example of the paladin aligned with the Argent Dawn. What might a super-paladin sanctioned by the Argent Dawn be enabled to do? What rewards might other factions offer their most devoted adherents?

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