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DevJuice: Beginning Objective-C


Jim Dovey and Ash Furrow just released Beginning Objective-C. It is subtitled "Get started with programming the fast-growing language." It is not, however, really aimed at new programmers.

Unlike Aaron Hillegass's superb Objective C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide, the book expects a reader who's an experienced programmer, even if that reader is new to iOS development.

Beginning Objective-C's chapters are already discussing interface bindings by page 11. Language fundamentals (such as conditionality and loops) start at the end of page 16 and wrap on page 22.

At least half the book focuses on non-language topics such as networking and data management. In fact, here's the TOC for you to review.

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Objective-C
Chapter 2: Object-Oriented Programming
Chapter 3: Foundational APIs
Chapter 4: Objective-C Language Features
Chapter 5: Using the Filesystem
Chapter 6: Networking: Connections, Data, and the Cloud
Chapter 7: User Interfaces: The Application Kit
Chapter 8: Data Management with Core Data
Chapter 9: Writing an Application
Chapter 10: Après Code: Distributing Your Application

Beginning Objective-C retails for US$39.99, but you can pick up a copy from Amazon for about $27. The Kindle edition is under $20.

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