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Doom 3 BFG not shipping with Oculus dev kits


Oculus Rift development kits purchased through Kickstarter were originally to be bundled with a Rift-enabled Doom 3: BFG, and Oculus and id Software have been working together closely. We've learned today that Doom 3 will not be ready at shipping time.

"Unfortunately, we've been informed that DOOM 3 BFG Edition will not support the Rift development kit by the time we begin shipping," the Oculus blog notes. "Since DOOM 3 won't be available, we'd like to try and make it up to you."

The conciliatory gestures include your choice of either $20 to spend at Steam, $25 at the Oculus store, or to have your Kickstarter pledge refunded. You'll find those options at the Oculus Order Manager.

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