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Tanks to have some hope of getting DPS gear in LFR

Ghostcrawler tweeted an interesting reply today concerning the ability of tanks to get DPS gear through LFR:

This is a major problem for tanks -- they're not able to gear up effectively in LFR for anything other than tanking. And with the daily-centric approach to MoP this leaves those that choose the best spec to be left on the side of using blues and whatever other scraps of gear they can get. For people who raid normal/heroic modes all the time it's not a huge issue thanks to getting off-spec gear, but it's still a problem.

Hopefully this option Ghostcrawler is speaking of applies to all off-spec gear, but we don't want to speak for him.

Of course as with everything you hear on Twitter and everywhere else about future WoW stuff, take it with a grain of salt. Things can and do change, features get pushed back and discarded for whatever reason. And just because Ghostcrawler and his team want to do something, it doesn't mean they'll be able to do something. Don't go nuts if it doesn't happen -- but keep in mind something might happen.

Keep your fingers crossed with me.

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