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EU commission calls for better enforcement following Apple warranty dust up


In 2011 Apple found itself in some hot water for failing to provide the legally required two-year warranty to European consumers. But, since being slapped with a €900,000 fine by Italy in December of that year, few other countries have taken any signifcant action. That's led European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding to call on the nations of the European Union to step up their enforcement efforts and to cooperate more on consumer protection issues. She also said that the Justice Commission should take a more prominent role in helping various state institutions work together. The call for stricter enforcement comes after only five EU members took any action against Apple for openly flouting the Union's Warranty laws -- and just two (Italy and Bulgaria) imposed any financial penalties. Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg and Belgium are still investigating the company, but it's not clear what consequences if any remain to be faced. The company has begun to alter its warranty policies to fall more inline with local laws, but there are still concerns about the specific wording that leave room for abuse.

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