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Beatbuddy breaks out the turntables this summer


Beatbuddy has been jamming on its own for far too long, and it's finally ready to share some sweet tunes with the world. Beatbuddy is coming to PC and Mac this summer, but first it's stopping off at PAX East, in booth 1048, to show some hands-on demos.

Beatbuddy is a musical platformer, featuring levels and enemies synced to the individual rhythms of entire songs, all of which are manipulated as you travel throughout the worlds. One level is put together by Grammy-nominated Journey composer Austin Wintory.

Play the demo on Steam, for free, if this news alone doesn't set your toes tapping.

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Reverb Publishing is excited to announce the world premiere of the action-music
adventure Beatbuddy at PAX East 2013, March 22-24. Beatbuddy, coming to
Windows PC and Mac this summer is ready to showcase to the public and hands-on
demo kiosks will be available on the PAX East show floor in booth #1048.

In this lush hand-painted world players take control of the mystical Beatbuddy as
they navigate him through an epic and humorous adventure in which all game
mechanics are musical. Through player's interactions with enemies, obstacles and
characters, each song is re-built and remixed, making no two playthroughs the

Winner of Intel Level Up Awards for 'Best Art' and 'Best Sound', Beatbuddy allows
players to experience a song within an action-adventure level. THREAKS, a German
indie developer, has created a breathtaking experience through its patent-pending
sound technology that syncs up in-game animations with the music.

Grammy-nominated musician, Austin Wintory, is creating a Beatbuddy exclusive
track and level, and developer THREAKS is collaborating with several popular game
and music composers to deliver a one-of-a-kind adventure that can only be had in

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