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Breakfast Topic: The not to be missed moments of Warcraft

If you're reading WoW Insider, there's better than reasonable odds that you enjoy World of Warcraft. Even if the game is sometimes (or even often) frustrating, there's at least something there that keeps you logging in to play. For me, it's WoW's don't-miss moments: zones, questlines, or events that are so much fun that you remember them for years to come, reminiscing to friends and telling newbies that they can't miss this quest. Remember following Tarenar Sunstrike, Gidwin Goldbraids, and Fiona through the Eastern Plaguelands? (Or helping out Zen'kiki the druid in Western Plaguelands?) What about your first run through Blackrock Spire, when no one in your group quite knew what to do with the dragon whelps? Or following John J. Keeshan on an epic quest to reclaim Redridge Mountains? And who could forget Welcome to the Machine, where you become a questgiver -- though fortunately only briefly!

Though sometimes the game feels like a tedious grind of daily quests, you never quite know when one of those moments will turn up: and when they do, they always impress. So I ask you: what are your don't-miss WoW moments? The quests and zones you make sure to visit with every alt and never tire of? Share so we can all be sure not to miss them!

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