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Daily iPhone App: lets you easily share files between your iOS devices


One of the challenges of owning an iPhone and iPad is sharing files between devices. Many iOS owners, me included, pass on iCloud and turn to third-party solutions like Plex or Dropbox to seamlessly share files. One competing service worth a look is is a self-hosted, streaming solution that uses a desktop server to connect to your iOS device. It sounds complex, but it's not, as the setup of the system is easy. You first install a lightweight server application on your PC or Mac desktop. Once installed, the desktop server indexes files you have on your machine and serves up those files to the QuikIO app that is running on your iOS device.

The biggest advantage to is that it is extremely easy to setup and run. Install the software, configure a few settings and you are good to go. It also works both locally on your home network and remotely when you are away from home.

The iPhone app was recently updated to version 2.0.1, which added a new QuikBeam feature. With QuikBeam, you can detect a nearby iPhone with the QuikIO software and immediately send files to that device. Because QuikBeam doesn't use the cloud as an intermediary, there are no file size limitations. It's also fast, much faster than iCloud-shared photo albums and even Dropbox for sharing files.

The iPhone and iPad version of QuikIO are available for free, down from US$2.99. You can download the desktop server component, also free, from's website.

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