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Dragon Quest X Wii U listing spotted on Amazon France


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An Amazon France listing for Dragon Quest X on Wii U suggests the Square Enix MMORPG may be coming to the west. As spotted by NeoGAF, the listing includes official screenshots and denotes a price of €70 (around $90), but doesn't mention a release date.

The Wii U game hits Japan on March 30. It gets its own Premium console bundle which includes a ¥1000 pre-paid card for the game, and five in-game orbs which double XP and gold collection for 30 minutes. Square Enix hasn't announced a release outside of Japan.

When approached, a Square Enix rep said "We don't comment on rumor or speculation."

This isn't the first leaky Amazon listing for a Square Enix game this week. Amazon US listed Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut as coming to the Wii U on May 7, which Square Enix also declined to comment on.

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