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DUST 514 to feature EVE-like CSM

Jef Reahard

Whatever your feelings on EVE Online's player-run Council of Stellar Management, there's no denying that the group has been hugely influential in the development of the sci-fi sandbox over the years.

CCP is porting that same concept to its upcoming DUST 514 shooter, according to a post by DUST's CCP Dolan.
I have asked the DUST 514 development and community teams to submit to me a list of some of the most helpful, active, and knowledgeable community members. Representatives from the DUST 514 teams and I will be sitting down and interviewing these candidates to try and identify the best fits for what we will be tentatively calling the DUST 514 War Council (until we come up with a permanent name). We will then be looking at all of these interviews and selecting a council to make up the very first beta version of the War Council.

This appointed council will work closely with us in establishing a voting system, working with teams regarding upcoming features, and generally serving a similar role to the EVE Online CSM.

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