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OS X 10.8.3 fixes Pixelmator 'restarting' bug

In December we reported that a bug in OS X 10.8.2 would sometimes cause a user's machine to restart automatically when the user was intensively using Pixelmator. Pixelmator took the brunt of the blame for the bug, but actually the issue was caused by NVIDIA GeForce graphics card drivers and not by Pixelmator's code. The company was stuck with the bug until Apple got around to fixing it.

Now that OS X 10.8.3 has been released, Pixelmator has announced that the restarting bug has been resolved. From a blog posting on their site:

Since the release of the OS X 10.8.3 update last Thursday, we've been thoroughly testing Pixelmator on it. We can finally confirm that Pixelmator's biggest problem (caused by NVIDIA graphics card drivers) is now solved! For that, we owe a tremendous thanks to the guys at Apple and NVIDIA for listening to us and probably many other developers, and then doing something about it. Go ahead, everyone, and download the OS X 10.8.3 update to your Macs!

Pixelmator is US$14.99 on the Mac App Store.

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