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Throne of Thunder: Forgotten Depths Raid Finder bosses in 5 seconds


The second wing of Throne of Thunder Raid Finder was just unlocked this week, so get ready to queue. After our last 5-second guide to the first wing, we couldn't just leave you hanging without a second! After being thrown down to the Forgotten Depths, you'll be introduced to a few beastly bosses -- be prepared. Here's a quick rundown perfect for sharing with your Raid Finder comrades (thanks for the help Thugmuffins!).


One tank on Tortos, the other on Vampiric Cave Bat duty. Don't stand in Rockfall. Healers be ready to top the raid after Quake Stomp. Kill priority is bats, Whirl Turtles, then boss. Be sure to kick one of the turtles into Tortos to interrupt his Furious Stone Breath. Although you can mostly survive the breath on Raid Finder difficulty, make your healer's life easier by interrupting.


Note: You will have to kill the three Eternal Guardians around the cave and ring their bells to spawn the boss.

Tank the two active heads facing away from the center, and don't tank the same head twice in a row to avoid debuffs stacking too high. The raid should stack in the center during Rampage for AoE heals. Kite the beam out of the raid if you're targeted with Torrent of Ice. Run out of the raid for a Cinders dispel. Run away from the Acid Rain. Kill order of the heads in this difficulty isn't too important, just rotate -- green, red, blue will work fine.

See Ji-Kun's quick strategy after the break!


Note: Do not stand in front of, or in close melee range of, the Gastropod snail trash. You'll be killed instantly.

Tanks will swap when Talon Rake has hit two stacks. Don't stand in green pools unless the platform is too crowded. Pools can be absorbed by standing in them, but at the cost of taking damage. Stack for heavy heals during Quills. Anyone on the main platform during Down Draft needs to run towards the boss to avoid being thrown off. Speed boosts help. One group with a healer and three DPS should jump to the illuminated platforms to kill the hatchlings. Grab a feather for the Daedalian Wings buff to easily fly to other platforms.

If you want a detailed boss guide for the second wing of the Throne of Thunder, check out our complete write-ups:

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