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Zynga's website removes Facebook login requirement


Zynga has redesigned its website, no longer requiring gamers to log into the site using the Facebook credentials.

Once upon a time, Facebook and Zynga were the best of pals, with Zynga's titles driving engagement on the big blue social network and Facebook providing a steady stream of new users to play Zynga's offerings. Last year, however, Facebook and Zynga decided to start parting ways, and that's led us to this current situation, where Zynga is pushing its platform beyond the walls of the Facebook system.

Not completely outside, however: Zynga players can still log into Facebook on if they like, and as you can see on the site, the Facebook logo and login box are still prominently displayed. But players are no longer forced to use that process to partake in Zynga's library of games.

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