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What we know so far about Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


We're going to keep this post updated throughout the day with all the latest HearthStone information. Here's what we know so far.

General Information
  • HearthStone is a new digital collectible card game (CCG) that takes place in the Warcraft universe.
  • HearthStone is free to play.
  • It's set for release this year. The beta will happen this summer.
  • You can sign up for the beta now over at HearthStone's site.
  • It will initially be playable on the Mac and PC. iPad version to follow soon (and not Blizzard soon, but reality soon).
  • PC and iPad version are playable now at PAX East.
  • Blizzard is looking at the possibility of future platforms (in response to the Android comments), but development is focused on PC, Mac, and iPad right now.

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Cards and Decks

  • Initial launch will contain 300 cards.
  • You'll be able earn booster packs (just like MT:G booster packs). You can also buy them.
  • The price Blizzard is throwing around for the booster packs right now is $1/pack.
  • Each pack comes with five random cards. Guaranteed to get a rare or better in each pack.
  • Chance also to upgrade to a "golden" version of the same card (like MT:G foil cards).
  • You'll be able to build your own decks, but also can let the game build it for you.
  • Two classifications of cards: basic and expert.
  • Multiple rarity levels of expert cards: common, rare, epic, and legendary.
  • You will be able to disenchant cards you don't want into Arcane Dust, then use that Arcane Dust to craft cards you do want.
  • Anything buy in the beta will be credited back to your live version of the game at equal value in the form of an unopened pack.
Playing the Game
  • The game is built around 1v1 match.
  • is used to set up the matches, you also can play against an AI (normal and expert mode).
  • You earn medals every week for winning matches.
  • You play the game as one of nine "heroes" of the Warcraft universe. Like a mage, druid, rogue, warlock, etc...
  • Anyone who is familiar with MT:G or the WoW TCG should be able to pick this up pretty quickly, it looks like.
  • Some cards demonstrated had AoE damage.
  • Play field looks pretty standard: your hand, discard pile, health, mana, draw pile, battle field.
  • In the screenshots and gameplay footage you start off with 30 health.

Other Notes
  • We don't know yet if cards are going to be tradeable.


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