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PAX East 2013: Say hello to MechWarrior Online's new trailer

There's nothing quite like convention season for bringing out a bumper crop of new videos and trailers. Today we're bringing you MechWarrior Online's new PAX East 2013 trailer, which shows off some new gameplay and highlights the title's newest features and perks.

MechWarrior Online went into open beta late in 2012 and has had six major content patches since then. New testing grounds, cockpit items and consumables, a whole passel of UI and user control updates, and new 'mechs and maps have been added to the game since the open beta launch. March will also see several in-game events going on, which folks are invited to sign up to enjoy.

Skip below the cut to check out the newest trailer.

Massively's on the ground in Boston during the weekend of March 22nd to 24th, bringing you all the best news from PAX East 2013. Whether you're dying to know more about WildStar, DUST 514, or any MMO in between, we aim to have it covered!

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