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Plex for iOS 3.1 brings a mobile media server, deep content filters


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Plex just last month gave its Android app a big overhaul that turned it into a full-fledged media hub; it's now the iOS app's turn. A Plex for iOS 3.1 update adds the same Mobile Media Server that we saw earlier, letting an iDevice dish out both its photo albums and synced content to any other Plex client, whether it's a PC or a Roku box. It also introduces the extra-refined library filtering you see above, push notifications for social interactions and the rough version of a unified transcoder that can handle more recent codecs. There are many, many other tweaks and fixes under the hood -- suffice it to say that you'll want to swing by the App Store for an upgrade if Plex is a cornerstone of your home theater.

Update: Having some issues with the new version? You're not alone, but Plex has already pushed out v3.1.1 on the App Store with few fixes.

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