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Shroud of the Avatar gets serious about housing


The Portalarium team has heard the many, many questions that potential players and Kickstarter backers have about Shroud of the Avatar's player housing system, and so they have released a video to help clear up several of the details.

Houses in Shroud of the Avatar are purchased with in-game currency, exist in a shared space, and can be traded between players. Unlike early-era Ultima Online, Shroud won't render you vulnerable to burglars and thieves; house items will remain safe, although sometimes the house itself will be taken out of commission during a siege.

There are several different types of player houses, from city houses to village cottages, that can be decorated on both the inside and the outside. The team decided to go with a deed system that will allow players to buy, sell, and trade the land on which houses are built. If a deed is acquired through the Kickstarter campaign, the house will be maintenance-free for life.

You can watch the devs discuss the housing system after the jump.

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