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Tales of Xillia coming this summer, Graces F hits PSN next week


The 2013 western window for Tales of Xillia is upgraded now to the summertime. Series producer Hideo Baba announced the news on the PlayStation Blog this week, while also revealing 2012 retail release Tales of Graces F is coming to PSN next week on March 26. The Standard edition of Graces F is priced $34.99, while the Knight edition bundles in over ten pieces of DLC for $54.99.

Meanwhile in Japan, Tales of Xillia 2, released in November, stormed its way to 500,000 sales before the end of 2012. Since we're only just finding out when the first Xillia will hit the west, we wouldn't advise raising your hopes of Xillia 2 news anytime soon. Having said that, Baba did tease further Tales-related "surprise announcements" this year.

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