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The Daily Grind: Do you use in-game guild-finding tools?


Massively's sister site WoW Insider recently ran a poll asking its readers about the use of World of Warcraft's looking-for-guild tools. Approximately 56.9% of the respondents said they'd never used the tool, but a whopping 17.5% said they had. That 17.5% seems a staggering number to me, but then, I know my experience is abnormal; I've been in basically the same guild with the same core group of people for my entire MMO career. I just can't imagine treating a guild the same way I'd treat a group or a raid -- opening up a looking-for-guild panel and ticking all the right boxes until the tool found me a guild that at least on paper met my specifications. It just seems artificial and ephemeral to me. But clearly, it's been of value to almost a fifth of WoW Insider's readership, and since finding a good guild these days is apparently a pain in the rear, I'm calling that a good thing.

So now I'd like to pose the same question to the broader MMO community. Have you guys ever used a looking-for-guild tool in any of the MMOs you play? If not, do you stick to traditional methods like ads on forums or chatting up people you meet in person? And if so, has the guild-finder ever led you to a permanent home?

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