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ThinkFlood closes shop, brings RedEye universal remote down with it

Nicole Lee, @nicole

Fans of ThinkFlood might want to shed a few tears today, as the company has just announced it's closing its doors. As a reminder, ThinkFlood was responsible for the RedEye universal remote control system that allowed any smartphone or web-connected device to control everything from a home theatre to a HVAC unit. It was an ambitious project to be sure, which might be the reason behind its demise. If you're a current RedEye customer, rest assured that your hardware and apps will continue to work. However, certain licensed tech like ThinkFlood's device code database and television program guide will become unavailable as licenses expire, so be sure to get those configured ASAP. As the curtains close, there might be a sliver of hope; ThinkFlood's intellectual property is currently up for sale from a creditor, which could point toward a RedEye resurrection if the right buyer is found. Until then however, we might suggest looking for an alternative solution.

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