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Tilt to Live getting a sequel and it's Redonkulous


One Man Left Studios is most recently known for its great social Outwitters title, but of course the two-man developer team (made up of Alex Okafor and Adam Stewart) is best known for the popular Tilt to Live, a relatively early iOS hit. And now the team is going back to its history, and starting work on Tilt to Live 2, according to the company's official blog.

The new game is called Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous, and is due out later on this year. Like the first title (which had you tilting a triangle around to try and avoid all sorts of incoming enemy shapes), there will undoubtedly be plenty of tilting action to go around. One Man Left promises new weapons, updated graphics and an all-new scoring system for the sequel, and we're sure they'll bring some of that Outwitters multiplayer experience to the game, too, as they also "plan on rubbing your friends' highscores in your face a little harder."

Well the game sounded like fun, right up until that last bit. At any rate, we'll look forward to Tilt to Live 2 -- if we see One Man Left around GDC next week, maybe they'll let us in on any other new plans.

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