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Woz, Wigginton videos surface in 1984 user group talk treasure trove


TUAW reader Vince Patton provided us with several links to videos that he's uploading to YouTube. Patton's father had saved a VHS tape of a talk made by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to the Denver Apple Pi computer club at the Colorado School of Mines on October 4, 1984, which Vince uncovered and is digitizing, cleaning up and uploading to YouTube for posterity.

Among the gems on Patton's YouTube channel is Woz leading the attendees in the "Pledge of Apple Allegiance," which you can watch below. Another fascinating bit shows Randy Wigginton, Apple employee No. 6 and a key member of the original Macintosh team, telling the story of how the Finder software couldn't even copy a disk just four hours before the deadline for shipping the initial Mac software.

Many thanks to Patton for doing such an incredible job of preserving these wonderful pieces of Apple history.

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