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Breakfast Topic: Have you ever experienced the perfect synergistic partnership?


I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say that nothing will ever approach the synergy I had between my classic era priest and my husband's warrior tank. We've played a lot of character combinations in a lot of different games, but there was something soul-stirring about our link with those two.

It seems silly written here in black and white, but I knew things about his tanking that I can't even describe knowing. Their absence would spill into view whenever I healed someone else. Even after I came to learn the habits and rhythms of the other tanks and we were downing bosses like a well-oiled machine, the missing element when I healed another tank hung in the air like perfume from a beautiful woman who'd just left the room. It was more than knowing his usual patterns of pulling or trusting him to pick up an add or position the boss, deeper than a feel for how much damage he could take or his intuitive sense of how long I could keep up on sheer regen mode after going OOM. I intuitively knew things about how he reacted on that character (and he about me and mine) that allowed us to function as a unit. It was bizarrely intimate. And no matter how well-honed our patterns of play are today, with different characters, we just don't feel the same effect.

It occurs to me that players who enjoy significant arena success must enjoy this sort of wordless communication, and I'm tempted to try some arena PvP with my husband to see if we can recapture and exploit the fruits of our teamwork. Have you ever played with someone with whom you shared utter synergy? What aspects of your partnership raise battle from a series of enjoyable encounters to a breathlessly glorious endeavor?

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