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Report: Wii U price drops not spurring UK sales, Wii Mini sees 'low interest'


The Wii U's recent unofficial price cuts in the UK market seem to have done little to increase the latest Nintendo console's struggling sales.

Trade publication MCV has quotes from two different retail buyers, the first noting the natural sales bump has "resulted in a smaller than desired increase" and the other saying the thing Nintendo really doesn't want to hear: "They've got to do something otherwise it is GameCube all over again."

For its part, Nintendo Europe says it is reaching out to retailers directly over the next few weeks to highlight the "strong and broad line-up of software launching this year." Console price reductions are more flexible in the UK than they are in the States.

Meanwhile, TechRadar mentions Wii Mini sales aren't doing much better in the UK. The site reports demand for the unit has been exceptionally poor. The Wii Mini sold 37.5K units in Canadian market, which Nintendo was pleased about.

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