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Go green in your Star Trek Online embassy

Eliot Lefebvre

Fleets in Star Trek Online can put together all sorts of interesting projects. The update for Season 7 added the ability for fleets to establish embassies on New Romulus, a way to reach out to the Romulan people despite the fact that you were inevitably playing a traditional enemy of the Romulan Empire. But there are more projects involved beyond simply crafting the building. The latest special project has just been revealed, and it's all about plant life.

The project will be available for a limited time, from March 28th to April 11th. Fleets which successfully complete the project will find ivy growing along the columns within the embassies, as well as additional plant life in the facility. It's a small thing, but it does brighten up an otherwise utilitarian facility. So if your fleet has an embassy, it's time to work on your gardening talents and green up your building.

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