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Halfbrick's Fish Out of Water coming to iOS soon


Halfbrick's next mobile game is ready to hit the iOS App store "very soon." That's according to Chief Marketing Officer Phil Larsen, who handed me an iPad running Fish Out of Water, a new game which expects you to fling some fish as far as you can.

That's really all it is: you touch a fish to snag it, then swipe to fling. The further your fish goes, and the number of skips it makes on the surface of the ocean, both factor into your overall score, which is calculated from three separate tosses.

The fish are not only aesthetically different, they're functionally unique. Pointy fish tend to dive down more depending on the arc of your fling, while the puffy blow fish fella is more prone to skipping across the surface.

Fish Out of Water features the same mission system found in Jetpack Joyride, and it's one of the many systems included to fuel replay. The game also has competitive leaderboards through Google+ and Facebook, hourly weather changes and unlockable treasures.

Fish Out of Water will debut on iOS devices first for $.99, and though there aren't any ports in the works right now, Larsen said "it's only logical to think it'll be on other platforms later."

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Coming soon worldwide for iOS

March 26th, Brisbane, Australia – Over the past three years, Halfbrick has established itself as one of the most powerful players in the world of mobile games. Having gained over 500 million downloads worldwide and a huge fan base always hungry for more, today marks the announcement of the Australian studio's newest mobile hit – Fish Out Of Water!

A daredevil group of feisty fish are longing to soar above the ocean and see the whole from a whole new perspective! Built with an entirely one-touch interface, players simply throw their fish to send it flying through the clouds and skipping across the waves. Characters include the speed demon Rocket, the massive whale Micro, and a vacant blowfish named Errol!

In each round, players have three throws, choosing the best fish depending on their personal preference and the conditions of the ocean. The weather changes every hour, from a glassy calm surface to a raging thunderstorm. There's even potential for glaciers, geysers and a bouncing jellyfish invasion! Each fish has their own strengths and weaknesses, so it's all part of the strategy getting the most out every turn.

At the end of three throws, the Crab Crew will judge the performance based on distance, number of skips and other unique factors. From there, players can share their score, upload to the daily league leaderboards and check their level progress. As different objectives are completed, players level up and unlock gems which can be used to activate awesome bonus powers at the start of each game.

Halfbrick is known for its simple, satisfying and incredibly polished games, with Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride creator Luke Muscat and his team leading the design.

"We're always pumped to get new games into the hands of our fans," said Muscat. "Fish Out
Of Water has been an amazing ride so far, keeping the simplicity of Halfbrick games intact but introducing a vibrant personality through all of our fishy characters. It's a complete package and we're almost ready to roll!"

Fish Out Of Water is coming to iOS devices worldwide for US$0.99 with a release date to be
announced shortly.

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