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Korg's touchpad synthesizer family gets slightly more Kaotic

Brian Heater

Korg's got the info on two new additions to its Kaoss line of X-Y interface touchpad controllers. First up is the KP3+ Dynamic Effect / Sampler, which adds 22 new effects to its predecessor's offerings, bringing that number up to 150. Also on-board are sample bank buttons for quick recording and playback, as well as features borrowed from other Korg offerings, including a ducking compressor and vinyl break, that'll simulate the sound of a record player slowing down. The $350 pad can also be used as a MIDI controller. For $50 more, you can pick up the Kaossilator Pro+ Dynamic Phase Synthesizer / Loop Recorder, which has 250 sounds, including synth leads, drums and a number of sound effects. The loop recorder banks, meanwhile, let you layer sounds one by one. Both pads are out next month. More info after the break.

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Korg Introduces its Latest Additions to the Kaoss Synthesizer Family

Korg debuts the latest additions to its acclaimed Kaoss family: the KP3+ Dynamic Effect/Sampler and the Kaossilator Pro+ Dynamic Phase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder. Like all of Korg's Kaoss products, these versatile new tools offer creative musical possibilities and intuitive control over multiple parameters with a user-friendly X-Y touchpad interface that responds to the touch or swipe of a finger. The Korg KP3+ and Kaossilator Pro+ will both be available April 2013 for a U.S. Street price of $349.99 and $399.99, respectively.

The KP3+ features instantaneous touchpad-based control over 150 great-sounding effects programs that include the original KP3 effects, sounds and features, plus 22 all- new, diverse effect programs for everything from various EDM genres to rock and beyond. In addition to the selection of filters, decimators, echoes and other exciting effects, user favorites from sister products Kaoss Pad Quad and Mini Kaoss Pad 2 have been added, including the Looper; a Ducking Compressor, which adds emphasis to the backbeats; and a Vinyl Break effect that simulates the slowing down of a turntable.

The KP3+ offers high resolution sampling from a wide variety of sources via mic and line inputs. Four Sample Bank buttons allow the user to create, play and save looped and one-shot samples on the fly. Multiple bands of samples can be saved on a Secure Digital (SD) card or transferred to a computer via USB. The KP3+ is also a MIDI controller, transmitting three controller signals from its touchpad, along with data from

the slider. The Sample Bank buttons send and receive MIDI note messages as well as program change commands and clock information.

The Kaossilator Pro+ is packed with 250 cutting-edge sounds inspired by wide array of electronic music including 62 sounds inspired directly by cutting-edge genres. Synth leads, enhanced drum sounds and highly controllable drum patterns, synth basses and sound effects are all ready to be played with the touch of a finger. Updated drum PCM includes sounds from Korg's acclaimed Wavedrum percussion synth for greater performance variety. With a single Kaossilator Pro+ users can perform hip-hop, chiptune, house, dubstep, new disco, electro, reggaeton, and drum 'n' bass, or they can create their own genre.

Performances on the Kaossilator Pro+ can be recorded into the four onboard Loop Recorder Banks. By adding (overdubbing) additional sounds one at a time, inspired looped phrases can be created ranging from minimal to fully orchestrated. The four infinitely loop-able banks can be combined, muted or un-muted, their volume adjusted, and their loop lengths changed - making arrangement of tunes easy and fun for everyone. The Kaossilator Pro+ provides line inputs and a mic input to allow recording of external audio sources as well.

This makes it easy to add a vocal or additional audio to any loop phrase created on the Kaossilator Pro+.

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