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Mojang's Scrolls beta unravels at 'end of April'


Minecraft developer Mojang is targeting a late April release for an early PC beta of its next game, Scrolls. Speaking to Polygon in an interview, studio co-founder and game designer Jakob Porser said, "We'll release it early at a discount. With the help from our community, we'll take the game to the next level and see what we want to do and what they expect out of the game and you can work around that."

The digital collectible card game is due on Mac shortly after, and a Linux release is being considered too. The news follows Blizzard's PAX East announcement of its own free-to-play digital CCG, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Porser, however, is philosophical about how that announcement impacts upon Scrolls.

"In the end the consumer gets multiple choices and we have to step our game to try and make the best possible product, the best possible game we can," he told Polygon. "If Blizzard makes the better game, then all credit to them and we need to move on to something else."

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