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Pixies for iOS helps you create novelty photos

Mel Martin

Pixies-Fun with Photos is a nice twist on regular photo-editing apps. The free app lets you take a picture, then add some graphics (objects, animals, symbols etc) so you can share the augmented whimsical results with family and friends.

The developers have also partnered with Zazzle so you can send your favorite creations for printing on mouse pads, a coffee mug, T-shirt or other keepsake. Although the app is free, I suspect the real reason it exists is to push those printing services.

The app works as you would expect, and there is a large variety of graphics you can put on a photo. The app lets you take a picture with your camera, or you can use an image you already have. There are plenty of little things you can add to your photos, or you can get more with an in-app purchase. I think there are enough bundled with the free app that you probably won't be tempted. This is the kind of app kids will enjoy, but adults will have some fun creating unique photos too.

Gallery: Pixie-Fun with Photos | 6 Photos

The app runs on any iOS device, but is not universal.

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