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Seen@GDC: A really big GameJam check, Sony's heavy indie push continues


Lead Programmer and Designer Andy Wallace of Golden Ruby Games picked up his giant check last night from Sony's Indie Arcade event. Wallace and crew won the PlayStation Mobile GameJam held this past February in New York City. Oh wait, it's not a check, it's actually a ticket with other goodies added.

For winning the GameJam with Hermit Crab in Space, Wallace will have his airfare and hotel covered for E3 in June. He'll also receive a golden ticket to the annual expoganza. Golden Ruby Games will also have a dedicated space in the PlayStation booth to show off their game. Finally, if Golden Ruby Games decides to submit Hermit Crab in Space to Sony for publishing by late September, they will receive "a special promotional package, which includes marketing, PR, and community support through a variety of PlayStation channels."

For those who haven't caught on yet, Sony is focusing attention and promoting indies like we haven't seen a console maker do in years. You can also listen to our Super Joystiq Podcast Special from last week, featuring folks from the IndieMEGABOOTH, to get a better sense of Sony's commitment at the moment.

We've placed a video of the PlayStation Mobile GameJam that was put on in association with IndieCade after the break.

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