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Capcom 'working' on confirming DuckTales Remastered for PC


A PC version of WayForward's DuckTales Remastered looks likelier than it did last weekend. The remake of the NES game was announced at PAX East for XBLA, PSN, and Wii U. Now, according to Capcom Senior VP Christian Svensson, a PC confirmation is in the works.

When queried about a PC version in the Ask Capcom forum, Svensson said, "Working on it. When I can confirm it, I will do so but for now, hang tight." To us, that sounds very positive.

And lo, did a chorus of PC owners woo-oo. We'll let you know if/when that confirmation comes in. Either way, DuckTales Remastered springs onto various screens this summer.

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