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GDC 2013: Dragon's Prophet video reveal


As Dragon's Prophet flaps and flies toward a closed beta weekend, the SOE crew have put together a reveal trailer for this week's GDC. Set against the backdrop of some fairly epic music, the trailer shows off dragons, dragons, and even more dragons (with a heavy dollop of the world and combat).

Our intrepid reporter MJ is putting together a meaty article on Dragon's Prophet for later today, so consider this trailer something to tide you over until the full course is delivered. Enjoy!

Massively sent its ace reporters to San Francisco to bring you back the biggest MMO news from this year's GDC, the largest pro-only gaming industry con in the world! Whether it's EVE Online or Star Wars: The Old Republic or that shiny new toy you've got your eye on, we're on the case, so stay tuned for all the highlights from the show!

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