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Microsoft's next Office update is codenamed 'Gemini,' could ship this fall

Zach Honig

Blue is to Windows as Gemini is to Office. Any questions? Well, that's unfortunate -- we don't have a ton of answers. What we do know, courtesy of some top-notch ZDNet reporting, is that Microsoft's next Office release is codenamed "Gemini," and that it could be making its way to your desktop by the end of this year. The site quotes a potential fall ship date, at least for the first release, which is set to include new versions of Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word. Rumor has it that the next version will be somewhat platform-independent, and will rely heavily on the Office 365 subscription concept. Beyond that, there isn't really much to share, but you're welcome to hit up our source link for a few more (minor) details.

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