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Super Mario Spacetime Organ lets you remix the plumber's world

Brian Heater

The game may be pushing 30, but we get the sneaking feeling that the world has only scratched the surface of the original Super Mario Bros' gameplay potential. Chris Novello certainly offers a fairly compelling case for this, in the form of the Super Mario Spacetime organ, a strange and wonderful concoction that utilizes a homebrewed Illucia patchbay and the lovely Madrona Soundplane music controller, which let him play the Mushroom Kingdom like a musical instrument. Watch the video below as he manipulates the RAM to make Mario fly and jumps through the "Super Mario time machine" on the Soundplane's x-axis. It's not the most musical thing in the world, and certainly not for those who are sensitive to flickering chaos, but it does put those old Game Genies to shame. It also serves as a pretty novel use for a couple of rubber band balls.

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