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Take a tour of the Videogame History Museum at GDC 2013


One of the cooler installations at this year's GDC is the Videogame History Museum, a travelling collection of gaming's greatest and oldest creations. Spotted among the various consoles, games and merchandise are classics like the Genesis, Super Nintendo and Atari 2600. There's also some less prominent devices like the Vectrex, Sega 32X, Sega Nomad, Sega Saturn and ... well, Sega had a lot of less prominent devices.

And, like any good museum, there are some oddities, including development kits, an Atari "mind control" peripheral, prototype Genesis cartridges and a mock-up of the Neptune, a combination 32X and Genesis that never saw the light of day. Check out the video above and lots of pics below.

Gallery: Videogame History Museum (GDC 2013) | 38 Photos

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