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Breakfast Topic: Should characters be able to learn all professions?


In a recent Call to Auction podcast with WoW Insider writer and profession/economy specialist Basil "Euripedes" Bentsen, WoW Lead Systems Designer Greg Street and Professions Designer He-Rim Woo intimated that Blizzard might be toying with the idea of expanding the number of professions players can have. "We've even considered whether it makes sense to let characters learn more than two professions (or maybe even all of them)," they told Euripedes. "We have nothing to announce yet in this direction. It's just brainstorming at this stage."

Personally, I'm a huge supporter of a robust crafting system that's central to both the economy and player gearing. Crafted purples -- I love 'em. But strengthening the professions as a whole could mean a major overhaul to the difficulty and accessibility of what the game allows individual players to accomplish. If player-made items were to play a more central role in modern Azeroth, how should the scaling of professions and crafting change to accommodate that? Should changing professions be difficult? Expensive? Should you remember recipes if you drop a profession and then pick it up again? Or should you be able to learn as many professions as you care to put the time into training?

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