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Chinese browser MMO Yitien launches alpha on March 29th


R2Games will be bringing Yitien, a Chinese-themed MMORPG, to browsers starting on March 29th. The developers promise a variety of play, from turn-based battles and multi-player arenas to PvP events and a version of the ever-familiar rock, paper, scissors. In one event, players can sign up at a certain time and enter a zone that transforms every player into a yeti. There will be no way to distinguish players from NPC yetis, but points and treasure are earned as NPCs are defeated and player attacks are successfully repelled. Attacking other players, however, will award you no points.

Players will also participate in a simple board game, rolling dice and moving a number of spaces. The first player to reach a certain location on the board wins the game. Players landing on the same square will battle, while players who run into mysterious warriors will have to fight using rock, paper, scissors for the chance to win lucrative trinkets.

Already available in China, Yitien has accrued 20 million total registered players with an average of 500,000 users logged on at one time. (How many bots are involved with those numbers, we'll never know.) You can sign up now on the official site.

[Source: R2Games press release]

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