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    Daily iPhone app: Fast Camera


    One of the most challenging photography subjects facing iPhone owners is moving subjects. Live subjects like children and pets move so fast that it's hard to get a decent picture. To increase your odds of snagging that perfect photo, you should check out Fast Camera from i4software.

    As soon as you launch Fast Camera, the app starts taking shots in rapid succession and will continue shooting until you press the stop button. The app is set to a turbo shooting mode by default, which will net you 45 VGA pictures in just a few seconds. You can tweak the resolution of the resulting images and the shutter speed to slow down this rate of shooting and improve the quality of images.

    If you want more control over your shots, you can turn off the "start capturing when launched" option and manually start your photo capture using the start button. Another option lets you lock the orientation so you can move with your subject and not accidentally switch from landscape to portrait.

    When you are done taking photos, you can review the set of photos and delete those images that don't make the cut because they are blurry, off center and so on. Those photos that you choose can be exported to your camera roll or saved as a video. You can also export the photos to Cinemagram, a video-creating app from Factyle. Cinemagram needs to be installed on your device for this last option to work.

    Fast Camera's rapid-fire mode is perfect for anyone shooting moving subjects. It's a must-have app for parents of active children, who won't sit still for a photo. Fast Camera is a universal app and is available for US$1.99 from the iOS App Store.

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